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A Siren's Song . The Battle of Los Angeles

A Siren's Song
September 20th, 2008

Soundwalk 2008
Long Beach, CA

wall text from installation:

j.frede - A Siren's Song

Five years after my installation "a siren song for parthenope" I'm presenting a piece that acts as the antithesis, a song or sound meant to protect sailors from the rocks, a siren.

A Siren's Song, will be presented in two parts, the first will be the siren itself, a WWII model hand crank siren will act as the center piece for the installation. The public will be able to crank the siren and create its wail or song in this instance. It will be presented at the end of the long hall facing the entrance.

The siren will be fixed to a pedestal keeping the direction of the sound stationary and aimed at the approaching visitors. In the room behind the siren a triptych sculpture of large artificial rocks housing speakers is playing a recording of the sea crashing into the shore. Presented as a set of sculptures the rocks are meant to represent fabricated danger in current times.

This piece will also look at the idea of how visitors are drawn to the sound of the siren in curiosity and will pass beyond it into the room behind the warning, to the conceptual danger of the rocks. Making both the Greek seductresses and the mechanical siren one in the same, much to the mechanical sirens dismay.

j.frede - 2008