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National Center for Contemporary Art
Kronstadt, Russia (Saint Petersburg)
January 2014

The work produced during j.frede’s time as an Artist in Residence at NCCA Kronstadt focused on the maritime themes in honor of geographic location of the residency on Kotlin Island near which is in the municipality of historic city of Saint Petersburg. Working across various mediums a new body of work was completed and an exhibition held at the end of the residency.

An over view of this work can be seen here:

The Clipperton Project
Orkney Islands, Scotland

September 2014

The month of September 2014 found j.frede boarding the sailboat Selkie in Northern Scotland where he was an Artist in Residence under the direction of The Clipperton Project. During the next month j.frede produced 6 drawings with the drawing machine titled “Drawn At Sea” that he had created for this project. Using the motion of the ship at sea the drawing machine worked during each voyage as they sailed amongst the Orkney Islands. Along with the Drawn At Sea drawings a number of videos, writings, pendulum drawings and audio recordings were made.

You can view much of the work at the following link:



Booming Dunes: A Study in 35 Parts:

Kelso Dunes
Booming Dunes: A Study in 35 Parts
Kelso, California, USA

see more photographs and video here


Eureka Dunes
Booming Dunes: A Study in 35 Parts
Death Valley, California, USA

see more photographs and video here

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