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Search no.01 / Artificial Life no.023
July 17 - August 31, 2010

How About Now - Group Exhibition
Sabina Lee Gallery
Chinatown, Los Angeles, CA

About the images:

Search no.01 - A Long Exposure of a search helicopter circling over the city, the final image appears to be created in a graphics program but is actaully the bobbing motion of the helicopter as hovered over a Los Angeles street in 2007.

Artificial Life no.023 - Part of my Artificial Life series in which i document movie shoots on public streets in Los Angeles, the series is meant to capture everday settings in a dramatic or mysterous way created by the artificial lights of the movie industry. no.023 was taken at Echo Park Lake in 2007.

Taken from the press release:

"How About Now gathers Artworks from Berlin, London, San Francisco and Los Angeles. Christopher Baird, Sophie Erlund, j.frede, Leslie Kulesh, Chris Lux, Nathan Peter and Charlie Woolley which share a sensibility and understanding of location and its history in both their materials and their artistic practice. They tangle images, objects and sounds to create works activated by the time and place specific to cities, neighborhoods and countries that the artists call home. As the works leave their points of creation and are presented as a group they unite in a gathering of the uprooted and seem to find pleasure in the comradery of a Los Angeles vacation. "

"As the sole Los Angeles resident, j.frede, presents photographs that examine two uniquely Angeleno sights: the helicopter chase and the artificial lights of the Hollywood film set. His images consider the thousands of eyes that stare back at the solitary searching lights of these two ever-present elements of the LA infrastructure."