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j.frede : music for ice ports


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A collection of field recordings and compositions made in Kronstadt, Russia in January and February of 2014 during my time as an Artist in Residence at the National Center for Contemporary Arts – Saint Petersburg, Russia.

Kronstadt is a small city on Kotlin Island situated in the Baltic Sea 30 Km from Saint Petersburg city center. Established in 1704 by Peter the Great, Kronstadt long stood as the most fortified island in the world. Abandoned fortresses are scattered across the now quiet city and artificial islands with buildings that once held great arsenals sit empty and open. During my time there most of the Baltic Sea was frozen making exploration on the open ice possible and sometimes risky.

This album is a mixture of the field recordings I made with a Sony PCM-50 recorder and audio from video footage shot on a Canon 60D. The musical elements of this record were made using an Old Russian piano that was at the NCCA Residency studio and a vintage toy accordion I purchased at a flea market in Saint Petersburg.  

The booklet for this release contains images for each track and a description talking about the location of the recording or compositions origins.  


track title time size
01 The Naval Cathedral of Saint Nicholas 13:59 20.4 mb
02 Day One 4:36 6.9 mb
03 Composition for Navigation 12:16 18 mb
04 Movements One Nautical Mile Out to Frozen Sea 9:30 14 mb
05 Composition for Sredney Gavan Lighthouse 6:33 9.8 mb
06 The Siege of Leningrad 6:42 10 mb
07 Close 2:10 3.4 mb


j.frede : music for ice ports (46:51)  - Originally released in March 2014 on

All of the recordings and photographs were taken as part of my time as an Artist in Residence at the National Center for Contemporary Arts in Kronstadt, Russia (Saint Petersburg) in the beginning of 2014.

During which I wrote for the Huffington Post about the experience. Those posts can be seen at

Videos associated with this release can be seen at

music for ice ports was made possible thanks to the support of the National Center for Contemporary Arts Kronstadt, Russia (Saint Petersburg) 2014 -